Discord Roles, the constructive guide for users with the ownership tag :)


Various Roles:

  • Changelings
    • Bots
      • TypicalBot
      • PVPCraft (channel security system)
      • SwordSwaint keeps Thea(bot) in a secret channel.
      • Gravesbot
      • Aethex
      • Miria (NSFW cleverbot, only works in NSFW)
  • Colors for people
    • bluecolor <.<
    • slaycolor >.>
    • tkcolor o.o
    • Sayuri
    • Mummzy == For if Bach ever joins
  • Regulars
    • Regulars on the channel, whether they're regulars to wikia or not, does not matter :)
  • inori
    • Don't ask, cuz you won't get told unless @elisavet#2220 adds you
  • Wikaboys
    • Channel is not for joining unless you're classified by ownership tag, or were part of the group back in 2014 :)
  • Conspiracy Theorists
    • Not for the feeble of mind, or weak of heart~
  • The Who
    • Incase an owner wants to show someone the log channels/control room for the (security system)
    • Still not sure what this is for, but okay. xD
  • NSFW
    • Not safe for work channel, this is add by request only, and only if you're older than 18, as the cleverbot NSFW module cannot be turned off, (and can quite literally be used to write porn novels)
  • Specific Game Rights : Self Explanatory
    • League
    • Dota

Rights Groups

  • Ninjas
    • Admin rights group
  • Skilled Designers
    • People who are good with some form of code
    • CSS and JS tags are a part of this, allowing you to ping only what you know you need.
  • Mod
    • Just that, global *chatmod* they can only moderate in chats that they can see.
  • pokemon mod
    • Makes sure that pokémon mods are mods in pokémon channel only

Wiki Groups

  • Colorswitch
    • Color Switch Wiki
  • FF
    • Flight Facilities Wiki
  • GC
    • Guilty Crown
  • Geometry Dash
    • Geometry Dash Wiki
  • IB
    • Infinity Blade Wiki
  • EaL
    • Earth and Legend Wiki
  • Metro
    • Metronomy Wiki
  • Tchami
    • Tchami wiki
  • Pokemon
    • Pokémon Wiki

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